Fallujah General Hospital

The birth of a child is supposed to be a day of joy and celebration, however in the city of Fallujah it is becoming a day of uncertainty, this is due to the increased number of children born with alarming birth defects.

Seven new cases of congenital anomalies reported ( Sunday , 22-7-2012), Sara , 10 days old (ASD & PDA) , Dumo’a 12 days old born with Shone complex (severe CHD) & died yesterday ,Yamamah , 2 days old born with Down syndrome & complex CHD, Nooreleslam , 3 months old have TOF & ASD,Sabreen 2 months old also is acse of Down syndrome, Worood , 1 year old , acase of microcephaly & brain atrophy , Akram , 6 days old ,born with severe congenital cardiac defect . All have no previous family history of any congenital anomaly


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