Children of Fallujah

This poor child is one of many born in Fallujah, where the rate of birth deformities and stillbirths is rapidly increasing, also on the rise is the rate in which individuals are diagnosed with severe forms of cancers. However the world is oblivious as NGO’s, The Iraqi Ministry of Health, as well as American aid sources have failed to address the seriousness of the problem and bring awareness. The International Peace Organization however intends to begin the process in finding solutions for all the beautiful people of Fallujah and Iraq in general. The IPO board of directors are currently vigorously formulating plans and strategizing with Local leaders, Local Nationals, and Government Official throughout the country to develope the introduction of determined and permanent relief in the city of Fallujah. As the president of the IPO I can only say this the IPO will do everything in its power to make a difference and help the city medical institutions acquire the, equipment, resources, and funding it needs to identify, prevent, and treat the problems it currently faces. Please support us on our mission.

Ty Pannell


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