A young boy photographed during a Syrian protest. His words may be true, as the fighting around him continues to escalate within Syria. Countless innocent lives have been taken or forever changed for the worst. The political means to resolve this conflict has been left in the hands of one man (Assad) who is clearly unwilling to relinquish his power, even with the overwhelming amount of people in favor of his removal, he still stands stubborn and blindly looking on beyond the bloodshed of his own people. I have been in combat myself and nothing is more appalling than the killing of the innocent. recently I have founded a group vested in the interest of all individuals immersed in the horrors of conflict, poverty, and crisis. I have established The International Peace Organization, it is our mission to help individuals in need all over the world, with the hope that those impacted will continue the trend eradicating violence by far outweighing the few who chose to inflict violence on the helpless or those who chose to exploit them. We are currently in the developmental stages, however we are developing strategies that involve direct missions, to deliver aid to those in need. Our group was founded in Ohio but has divisions in New york and Washington D.C. as well. If you are at all interested in helping us or would like more information please email If we don’t help….nothing will change.


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