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The Children of Fallujah (Embracing Mistakes and Constructing Bridges)

Three Marine veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom have planned a return mission back to Fallujah Iraq, to film a documentary mainly on the lasting effects depleted uranium has had on the local population. Depleted Uranium munitions were used by the U.S. military and coalition forces during “The Battle of Fallujah” and in many other areas. The Marines will focus on the city of Fallujah which is located north east of Baghdad. Residents of Fallujah have been suffering from birth deformities, cancers, leukaemia, and infertility in both men and women. (This affirmed by: Samira Telfah Alaani, Mohannad A.R. Al-Fallouji, Christopher Busby, Malak Hamdan researched and analyzed these issues in 2009-2010 in the Pilot Study of Congenital Anomaly Rates at birth  in Fallujah, Iraq.)  Their study concluded that the rate of birthdefects had risen drastically.  During the documentary, the three veterans will be communicating with members of the local  government and Medical Professionals in Fallujah. They will discuss with local government leaders, Environmental Specialists, and Medical Professionals  the problems, and attempt to determine the empirical causes for the rapid increase of the anomalies. When the problem is identified a strategy will then be discussed and formulated to alleviate the problem. The Marines will finally attempt to establish a permanent aid and support office which will help in the disposal and cleanup of unstable materials but also help the community in various other ways as well, such as: education, community outreach, and youth and women services. This story is important as it is an attempt to enlighten the world of the dangers and consequences still looming even after the fighting has ceased in Iraq. Using Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus yields lasting human consequences and it is necessary for the world to be aware of this. The betterment of international relations is bound to the fact that one must embrace mistakes and make an honest attempt to rectify and prevent any future occurrences. The Marines objectives  are to provide any assistance to those afflicted, denounce social and cultural stereotypes constructed by war, build a social bridge with the people of Iraq and the U.S., and to most importantly provide exposure of the ongoing problems post war. This will give true insight as to who the people of Iraq are as well and give a voice to The Children of Fallujah. International Peace Organization Inc. is a non-profit organization that is  dedicated to giving hope to people caught in the maelstrom of the most unstable regions of the world; doing so through the establishment of direct dialogue, the direct extension of aid, and direct humanitarian efforts and international exposure to improve disadvantaged and victimized people’s overall quality of life. As an organization, we strive to address and raise awareness of both conflicts and human rights violations around the world. Our staff is made up of highly trained and motivated individuals with experience in both international affairs and crisis resolution, and we believe that together we can make a positive difference in the world.

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Mission to Fallujah

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The Children above are the victims of the lasting affects of the Iraq war, they are suffering from sever deformities. (HydroCephaly)

بعثة منظمة السلام الدولية في مساعدة التئام الجروح عديدة من الصراع العالمي. نحن لا نسعى فقط لزيادة الوعي من التكلفة الإنسانية للنزاع، ولكن تقديم الإغاثة الإنسانية للمحتاجين. مدينة الفلوجة في محافظة الانبار، العراق يعاني من مجموعة من الأمراض والعيوب الخلقية الناجمة عن استخدام ذخائر اليورانيوم المستنفد. يرجى مساعدتنا لمساعدتها في وقت الحاجة.

The International Peace Organization’s mission is to help heal the many wounds of global conflict. We not only seek to promote greater awareness of the human cost of conflict, but provide humanitarian relief to those in need. The city of Fallujah in Al Anbar Province, Iraq is suffering from an array of illnesses and birth defects caused by the use of depleted uranium munitions. Please help us to aid them in their time of need. Show your support on kickstarter.